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MWSC Shop Math IV

This 48- hour course is designed to develop in the student a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the various formulas and charts in the required textbook as applied to the basic machine shop practices. 

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to: 
 1. Identify and solve various formulas and equations useful in everyday shop  practice. 
 2. Identify and use the basic charts and graphs found in the text,  (Machinery’s Handbook), to aid in the machining process.

Class Details:
This class will run on Mondays and Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm

Register below  or 
Contact the MA Training Department at 
717-843-3891 or Training@MASCPA.org 

Date: 9/06 - 10/30/2017
Sessions: 16 sessions
Times: 6-9 pm M & W
Location: MA, 160 Roosevelt Ave, Suite 400, York PA 17401
Cost (member): $435
Cost (non-member): $653

"We look forward to strengthening 
our existing relationship" 
– Local economic development official
The Manufacturers' Association
160 Roosevelt Avenue
York, PA 17401
(717) 843-3891