MWSC Fabrication I

Students will demonstrate skills which correspond with the following list. Understanding of the course material and transferring it to on- the-job tasks is the final objective. Course Content: Parallel-sided solids, Units of measure for volume, Volumes: the cube, the square prism, and rectangular solids, Volumes of cylindrical, semicircular-sided and spherical-ended solids, Volumes of cones and pyramids, Allowances for edges, Allowances for seams, Stretch outs of square pipes, Stretch outs of rectangular pipes, Stretch outs for Circular Jobs, Stretch outs for semicircular-sided jobs, Stretch outs of boxes, Number of pieces from a sheet, Length of Wire for edges of jobs, Length of arcs of circles, Description of tapered solids, Law of right triangles, Roof Pitches, Bend Allowances, Surface Speeds of Rotating Cylinders, Introduction to Trigonometry, Using the Tangent Formula, Using the Sine Formula, Using the Cosine Formulas, Selection of Formulas, On-the-Job Applications, Bend Allowances of angles, Bend Deduction, Print Reading, Triangular trig and bend deduction. Date:
Sessions: 15 Sessions
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