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MWSC Fabrication II

Students will demonstrate skills which correspond with the following list. Understanding of the course material and transferring it to on- the-job tasks is the final objective.

Course content: Descriptions of Tapered Solids, Stretch out of Cones, Selection of Formulas, Shear Sizes, Blueprint Reading 23-1, Read print and layout angle box, Blueprint Reading 23-2, Shear Sizes, Blueprint Reading 23-3, Shear sizes angles, Blueprint Reading, Multizone Ventilation Systems, Blueprint Reading Unit 32 a Motel Air-conditioning System, Trig length for compound angles, Blueprint Reading Unit 33 Exhaust Systems, Description of Tapered Solids, Stretch-outs of Cones, Selection of Formulas, Shear Sizes, Blueprint Reading, Read Print and Layout angle box, Blueprint reading 23-2, Shear Sizes, Blueprint reading 23-3, Shear sizes angles, Circumference of a circle, Trig length for guard and hinge, Trig lengths for Compound angles, The circle, The units of angular measure, The protractor. Categories: Apprenticeship Programs - General, Technician & Entry Level Employee Programs
Sessions: 15 Sessions
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