MWSC Electrical Theory I

Course Description:

This course is designed for entry-level electricians & mechanics. The course is intended to lead the student through a step-by-step process from basic electricity principles and theories to a finished product.             

Course Objectives:

The students will be able to get an understanding of electrical theory, components, control technology, maintenance electrician requirements and principles of troubleshooting techniques in the electrical world

Course Outline:

  • Basic electricity fundamentals
  • Current, voltage, and resistance
  • Ohmís Law & power equations
  • DC & AC circuits
  • Series & parallel circuits
  • Voltage measurements
  • Motor theory and connections/wiring methods
  • Three-phase connections and theory
  • Relay logic and schematic reading
  • Transformers

2017/2018 Session Details:
30 hours
7am - 4pm

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