Solid Works Sheet Metal

The Sheet Metal Design Class presents the user with the functionality within SolidWorks used to create sheet metal parts. Students will create various sheet metal parts and drawings using lab exercises that step them through this process. Upon completion of this class, the user should be proficient in all the SolidWorks sheet metal functionality and have the ability to create and document any sheet metal part. 
Prerequisites : SolidWorks Fundamentals

Registration Policy: 
Fee must accompany non-member registration.  Cancellation policies apply.  Cancellations with less than a week notice will be charged.  No shows will be charged.  

Questions:  160 Roosevelt Ave., Ste 400, York, PA 17404; Phone – (717) 843-3891;  Fax – (717) 854-9445; E-mail questions to:

*Please note that these classes are all grant sponsored and 

students will be required to complete the data forms.*


Date: June 2017
Sessions: 2
Times: 8 am- 5 pm
Location: 1851 Charter Lane, Lancaster PA 17605
Cost (member): $480-Grant
Cost (non-member): $480-Grant

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