A-6200 ControlLogix / Maint. & Troubleshooting-Level 2

Advanced Maintenance and Troubleshooting

This 32-hour training program provides students with hands-on experience using the advanced control and diagnostic capabilities of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Programmable Controller and the RSLogix5000 programming software package. Application troubleshooting excercises are used throughout the course to give students hands-on experience solving typical problems encountered in the factory.

Course Topics:
  • Review of ControlLogix Hardware and basic concepts
  • Memory Organization Review
  • Addressing-Direct and Indirect
  • Instruction Familiarization-File Arthimetic and Logic, File Search and
  • Compare, Bit Shift and FIFO, Diagnostics, Sequencers in and out.
  • Communications-Data Highway Plus Communications, -Remote I/O Communications, -ControlNet Communications, -Ethernet Communications, -Message Instruction
  • Overview-PID Instruction

Prerequisites:Students should have successfully completed Intellect Controls Group training program A-6000 or have knowledge equivalent to the course description and be familiar with Windows NT, 2000 or XP softwares. A-6200 is not intended for basic level entry students who have not acquired the background described above.



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