Intruduction to Lean Manufacturing Workshop

Manufacturers must reduce costs to remain competitive and improve profits in today’s marketplace. Industry needs leaders skilled in identifying and eliminating wastes within manufacturing and administrative processes. Industry faces a shortage of skilled leaders able to champion the lean culture change. Employers need to train their employees how to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs. One method of achieving this goal in a short period of time is through classroom participation and instruction in understanding Lean Manufacturing techniques. Lean Manufacturing seeks to highlight and then eliminate unnecessary events that are not value added in the eyes of the customer. 

A lean implementation will reduce product cycle time, excess inventories, excess floor space, defects set-ups and other hidden process costs. Your organization will have less dependence on third party experts. This training is designed to be transportable between many industries and environments. 

This eight hour course is a solid introduction to Lean Manufacturing concepts and terminology and sets the base for more advanced lean courses such as Value Stream Mapping, Cellular Manufacturing, and Continuous Improvement.

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