Brake Press Print Reading

This is a comprehensive program including Shop Math, Print Reading, and Measuring Skills.
Topics for Shop Math

  • Read and convert decimals and fractions
  • Add decimals and applying tolerances
  • Subtract decimals and applying tolerances
  • Read Angles

Topics for Print Reading:
  • Interpret type of lines
  • Interpret multi-view drawings
  • Interpret title block information
  • Interpret Dimensions
  • Apply coordinate tolerances
  • Interpret section views
  • Interpret detail prints
  • Interpret notes(local and general)
  • Identify and interpret files
  • Interpret assembly clearance
  • Interpret material number specifications

Topics for Measuring Skills
  • Measure with a 6 scale
  • Measure with a dial caliper
  • Layout and measure with a combination square
  • Layout with a vernier height gage

This is a forty two hour course.

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