Electrical Safe Work Practices

This course consists of 7 Learner Outcomes. It is a 10 hour course and is accredited for 1.0 IACET CEU. Each student must complete 100% of the Learner Outcomes with a passing grade of 70% on each Learner Outcome and attend all classes in order to be eligible for the CEUís. There will be no partial credit given.

  • 1. The student will understand the role and be familiar with the standards of OSHA (CFR29/ 1910 General Industry) and NFPA (70E Electrical Safe Work Practices)
  • 2. Given several voltage levels the student will be able to select the distance of the limited, restricted, and prohibited boundaries.
  • 3. Given several fault current levels and the time it would take to open the over-current device the student will be able to determine the distance of the flash protection boundaries.
  • 4. The student will be able to determine what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use for several hazardous energy scenarios and show their ability to properly inspect the PPE.
  • 5. Given several basic control circuits the student will be able to determine if the circuit is correct and if not what would be the symptoms if a fault occurs.
  • 6. The student will be able to recognize the advantages of using a Current-Limiting Fuse and will be able to show the new fault current levels after a CLF was installed.
  • 7. The student will demonstrate their ability to use Proper lock-out, tag-out, and try procedures.

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