Active Shooter Situations

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 PA State Police Department

This presentation is designed to prepare individuals in the event they are involved in an active shooter situation.

The presentation is designed to cover all venues, including but not limited to, commerce, education, open spaces, places of worship, and public settings.

  • The discussion covers associated behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, which may be indicators that someone is disgruntled at their job, in their personal life, or with society. Triggering events that may cause individuals to become an active shooter are also discussed.

  • Different mental strategies, as well as response tactics, individuals will be better prepared to not only ACT, but REACT during an active shooter event.

  • Active shooter statistics, trends, and real incidents are discussed, along with why it is vitally important for individuals to have a plan.

  • Audio and video clips are utilized to get everyone into the mindset of what may occur during an active shooter situation, and try to realistically have them feel involved.

*This is not an a Firearms, or Tactical Training course. Attendees will not be required to handle live or fake, ammo, firearms or tactical equipment during this presentation.*

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