Preparing Your Training Staff to Conduct On The Job Training

    This course will address five key areas for development:
  • 1. Writing Training Objectives
  • 2. Assessing return on investment from training initiatives
  • 3. Creating pre and post-assessment modules
  • 4. Devising checklists as a job aid for trainees
  • 5. Establishing and maintaining credibility with trainees

There will be a refresher on the use of the four-step training method as well as creation and use of job breakdowns as part of that method.
Each participant needs to bring a company specific task that he/she must train employees on in the near future. At each session, participants will be asked to develop the training module a piece at a time. By the end of the series, each participant will have completed: training objectives, a job breakdown, pre and post assessments, and a checklist.
Course Length: Four 4-hour sessions

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