Managing Your Time and Your Life!

Today’s supervisor needs to be concerned with both their own organizational skills as well as those of their employees. But what does managing one’s time really mean? How does an individual go about being a better time manager? And where do all those “mandatory” meetings fit into the equation? These issues will be the focus of this session.

    Workshop Objectives: At the completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:
  • 1. Define what “time management” is and is not.
  • 2. Identify in which areas of their life they are most/least organized
  • 3. Differentiate between “system-imposed” and “self-imposed” time constraints
  • 4. Apply proven strategies for managing this important resource.

    Workshop Outline:
  • 1. Welcome & workshop objectives
  • 2. Pre-Quiz-Time Management Self-Assessment
  • 3. Key Factors influencing our use of time.
  • 4. Springing the time “trap”-strategies
  • 5. Summary and action planning

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