A750: Allen-Bradley PanelView 300,550,600,900,1000&1400 Non-Enhanced Operator Terminal Editing & Troubleshootong

    Course Outline by Day:
  • Day 1: Introduction to Panelview Operator Terminals, PanelView Hardware Familiarzation and Troubleshooting, Configuration Mode Menu Discussion and Hands-On Setup, Introduction to PanelBuilder Software, Uploading/Downloading Application Programs
  • Day 2: Push Button Objects Entry and Editing with Hands-On Exercise, Mulitstate Indicator, Data Entry, Data Display, and Screen Objects Lecture, Mulitstate Indicator, Data Entry, Data Display, and Screen Objects Hands-On Excercise
  • Day 3: Software Errors and Troubleshooting Lecture with Hands-On Exercise, PanelBuilder Utilities Including Creating/Printing Application Reports
  • Day 4: Alarm Screen Objects Lecture with Hands-On Exercise, Security Screen Objects/Password with Hands-On Exercise, Final Project Excercise

Students should have successfully completed Intellect Controls course A-510(PLC-5/Level I), A-5000(SLC500/Level I), A-6000 (Control/Logix Level I) or have knowledge equivalent to the course description and have basic experience with Microsoft Windows Operating System. THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM.

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