A-6000 ControlLogix Maint. & Troubleshooting -Level1

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

This 32-hour hands-on training offers an introduction to programmable logic controllers, hardware familiarization, instruction familiarization, software and hardware programing and troubleshooting and a troubleshooting final review exercise.  A-6000 course builds the necessary fundamentals to begin troubleshooting issues with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers.  Students work in pairs to troubleshoot problems and solve complex issues. 

Course Outline by Day:

Day 1: Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, ControlLogix Programmable Controller Hardware Familiarization and Troubleshooting, Project Database Familiarization and Troubleshooting, Local and Remote Addressing and Configuration, Database Hands-On Lab Exercise, Data Types and Organization

Day 2: Using Data Tags, Defining Tasks, Programs and Routines, Entering Ladder Logic, Instruction Familiarization and Troubleshooting, Using and Troubleshooting Relay Logic, Relay Logic Hands-On Lab Exercise, Utilities: Search, Cross Reference, Trend Chart, and Forcing, Utilities Hands-On Lab

Day 3: Using and Troubleshooting Timers and Counters, Timer and Counter Hands-On Lab Exercise, Using and Troubleshooting /Math Instructions, Using and Troubleshooting Move/Logic Instructions, Using and Troubleshooting Compare Instructions, Data Manipulation Hands-On Lab Exercise.

Day 4: Using and Troubleshooting MCR’s, JMPs and Subroutines, Program Control Hands-On Lab, Troubleshooting and Resolving Controller Faults, Fault Resolution Hands-On Exercise, Program Save and Restore Lecture and Hands-On Exercise, Disk Upload and Download Lecture and Hands-On Exercise, Documenting and Printing Programs, Hardware, Software and Program Troubleshooting Review, Final Class Exercise.

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NON GRANT:  $1,380/pp

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