Industrial Maintenance Mechanical

This program will improve your mechanical skills and give you a better overall understanding of mechanical devices. This is not a program on mechanical theory; it is practical applications that can be used immediately at your facility. You will learn how to reduce costly downtime through proper mechanical maintenance practices. This program will not only teach people what to look for in belt/pulley wear, but it will also teach them how to correctly select the proper belt for replacement. You will cover not only mechanical devices such as drive chain, sprocket types and selection, as well as mechanical drive couplers. You will also gain practical knowledge of how, when, and what to lubricate, as well as problems that exist in real world machinery and devices. Every student in this program will assemble, adjust, and learn the proper installation of several types of drive couplers, as well as chain drives, sprocket drive assembly, adjustment, and proper tensioning. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves, learn from a hands-on approach, and gain knowledge that you can put to use the first day back to work.

  • Proper Tools
  • Bearings and Seals
  • Belts
  • Drive Couplers
  • Lubricant
  • Chain Drive Systems
  • Real Hands-On Labs

*Please note that the check should be made payable to South Central Workforce Investment Board and mailed to MASCPA, 160 Roosevelt Ave., Suite 400, York PA 17401. Any company interested in joining the Maintenance Consortium, please call Tammy Marcase at 717-843-3891.
This training is supported by funding through the Department of Labor and Industry.

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