Electrical Fundamentals (Course #109)

This is a basic level course that is designed for entry level mechanics. The course will introduce mechanics to the fundamentals of Industrial Electricity. The fundamental concepts of atomic structure, units of measurement, current flow, the relationship of coulombs to amperes, ohms law calculations, Kirchhoff’s law, and the use of multimeters are studied in detail. Each student will get an opportunity to wire circuits, measure voltage and current, and apply ohms law in practical applications.

    Learning Objectives:
  • 1. The student will be able to identify the major components of an atom.
  • 2. The student will be able to recognize the difference between a conductor atom and an insulator atom
  • 3. The student will be able to write an explanation of the difference between electron movement and electricity movement as it relates to each ones speed.
  • 4. The student will be able to relate a pumping systems unit of measurement to an electrical circuit and its units of measurement.
  • 5. The student will be ale to relate coulombs to amperes.
  • 6. The student will be able to convert ampere readings into microamps, milliamps, and killoamps.
  • 7. The student will be able to use ohms law to perform calculations on a circuit
  • 8. The student will be able to use a multi-meter to measure amps, volts, and resistance.
  • 9. The student will be able to apply Kirchhoff's laws to practical circuits.
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