COACHING for Peak Performance

The need for supervisors and managers to be able to coach employees effectively is greater today than ever before. For one thing, today’s workers approach their jobs with broadened expectations (some unrealistic) of their rights and privileges on the job. Downsizing and canceled retirement plans have taught employees that the idea of loyalty is a one-way street. In addition, about one third of job applicants lack the literacy skills and/or math skills necessary for the jobs which they apply. So what is a supervisor/manager to do? How does he/she sustain productivity and a committed workforce? One solution is more and better COACHING…and that is the purpose of this interactive workshop.

    At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • 1. Define the differences between coaching, counseling and disciplining.
  • 2. Identify the factors that cause managers to fail as coaches.
  • 3. Recognize why people act the way that they do.
  • 4. Explain the steps in the coaching process.
  • 5. Apply proven coaching skills and techniques back on the job.

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