Effective Planning and Scheduling for Today's Maintenance

This three day, comprehensive, hands-on course, designed for both new and seasoned planner, gives you all the tools you need to help you kick-start your P&S system.
In our increasingly competitive marketplace, there is less tolerance for unplanned downtime. Industry is experiencing the pressure of rising costs, foreign competition, and the need to improve work force productivity. Companies must make productive use of all their resources-labor, material, capital-through best maintenance practices. P&S has the greatest profit potential of any maintenance function-a “sure-fire” way to quickly improve maintenance performance and service.
Based on current maintenance trends and technologies and our vast expertise, we provide you with information and activities to better equip you to implement P&S. This interactive session includes information on how to build a winning partnership with production, a step-by-step implementation plan, and detailed information on the daily role of the planner. As always, we present real-world illustrations on the fundamentals of P&S to help you increase productivity and lower overall costs-which means faster repairs, less downtime, and greater availability. Planning and Scheduling is a “must have system” in high performance organizations. Experience shows that the “Best of the Best” do the basics very well. Let us help you become “Best of the Best.”

    The benefits you will receive right away:
  • *Learn to reduce maintenance costs through more efficient use of your existing work force.
  • *Measure and evaluate your department’s performance by craft, employee and supervisor.
  • *Improve manpower forecasting and planning for current, future or back-logged jobs.
  • *Discover techniques for conforming equipment warranty claims, evaluating replacement costs and fulfilling documentation requirements.

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