Industrial Controls 101 MASCPA

This course consists of 6 Learner Outcomes. It is a 30 hour course and is accredited for 3 CEUís. Each student must complete 100% of the Learner Outcomes with a passing grade of 70% on each Learner Outcome and attend all classes in order to be eligible for the CEUís. There will be no partial credit given.

  • 1) Given a wiring diagram, panel, switches and wire, the student will wire a lamp to be controlled from 3 locations.
  • 2) Given an Allen Bradley Motor Starter or a relay the student will disassemble and rebuild it
  • 3) The student will be introduced to the operation and wiring of control devices. Using the concepts of basic undervoltage circuit design, the student will design and draw a motor control circuit.
  • 4) The student will be able to write a functional specification, design a control circuit, and wire a panel.
  • 5) The student will demonstrate his knowledge control circuits by designing reversing startersí circuits, jog circuits, master undervoltage control circuits and hydraulic valve circuits.
  • 6) The student will be introduced to powerful trouble-shooting techniques and will use these techniques to trouble-shoot a circuit that they have designed and wired on a test panel.
For a full syllabus call the office at 717-843-3891. Course Length: 30 hours.
*Cancellation Policies Apply: Substitutions may be made any time. Cancellations within 5 business days of the session will be charged. No shows will be charged.

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