CNC Series 16 18 21 Maintenance

This Series 16/18/21 Maintenance course provides the tools for maximizing troubleshooting techniques to maintain a machine tool equipped with a Series 16/18/21A,B,C or I Series CNC. Classroom demonstrations and presentations are followed by the actual use of a Series 16/18/21 CNC for hands-on lab exercises to reinforce new skills. Hardware connections and the software interface are taught in the class. Prerequisite: Participants should have a basic understanding of CNC, machine tools and electricity, and should know the basics of Ladder or machine sequence logic and signal tracing. They should also have a basic electrical background, and follow appropriate safety practices related to electrical equipment.

    Learner Outcomes:
  • 1. Describe the function of each CNC hardware component as a maintenance replaceable
  • 2. Locate, interpret and record the information on the System Configuration screen
  • 3. Troubleshoot the five types of external I/O
  • 4. Verify proper cooling, grounding, noise suppression and cabling for the system.
  • 5. Verbally explain the function of the special parameters for the GE Fanuc Series CNC and how to set them.
  • 6. List the steps to consider safely run an axis for maintenance purposes.
  • 7. Perform a complete backup and restore of all battery-backed CNC memory(CNC parameters, part programs, tool offsets, etc.)

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