Alpha Servo Maintenance

The Alpha Servo Maintenance course provides a functional understanding of installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of GE Fanuc Alpha series power supplies, amplifiers and motors. Students will learn complete diagnostic address and error code fault tracing. In-depth classroom discussions about how and why servos operate are followed by laboratory exercises to reinforce newly learned skills with live equipment. Prerequisite: Participants should first attend one of our CNC control maintenance classes or have equivalent CNC knowledge. They should also be comfortable with working with voltages over 200 volts AC, and be able to operate a digital voltmeter, a VOM (volt ohm meter) and an oscilloscope.

    Learner Outcomes:
  • 1. Verify power connections between the CNC and the amplifier.
  • 2. Identify signal flow or communication between a servo and a CNC.
  • 3. Set up initial parameters for drives.
  • 4. Adjust units by screens on the CNC.
  • 5. Identify and interpret CNC alarms and amplifier LED displays.
  • 6. Troubleshoot using breakout boards, check boards and CNC diagnostics.

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