PLC Systems Course #202

This course is 30 hours and is accredited for 3 CEUís. Each student must complete 100% of the Learner Outcomes with a passing grade of 70% on each Learner Outcome and attend all classes in order to be eligible for the CEUís. There will be no partial credit given. 1) The student will be introduced to the operation and wiring of control devices. Using the concepts of basic undervoltage circuit design, the student will design and draw a Master Undervoltage Circuit. 2) The student will build a knowledge base of the components of a PLC system. They will be able to distinguish between elements of hardware and elements of software. The student will be able to distinguish a PLC from a computer. 3) The student will be able to relate inputs and outputs to the Data Tables in the PLC. 4) The student will develop a comprehensive understanding of the program scanner. In an effort to build comprehension, they will run three simulations of program scans of input tables, output tables and program tables. 5) The student will be able to specify the input and output cards for a PLC system and design a wiring diagram implementing the inputs and outputs required for the design and operation of a machine. 6) The student will build a knowledge base of AB MicroLogix 1000, 1200, and 1500 PLCís capabilities. The student will design an AB 1762-L24AWA wiring diagram using a functional description. 7) The student will learn powerful troubleshooting techniques and use them to solve 2 troubleshooting problems on a PLC water pump system.
Course Length: 32 hours. Class is every Tuesday and Thursday.
No shows will be charged the full course price.

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