Welding, Beginning through Advanced DOL

This company specific welding course encompasses Oxy-Acetylene Torch Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc and Gas Metal Arc Welding theory and Welding skills designed to improve safety and work performance. It is a customized program for personnel who need welding skills as determined by their employer. The level of training entered by the student is based on the individualís welding competency as determined by ASCís welding instructor. The program is specific and the customer must pick only one; Stick, MIG , or TIG to attend at a time. Note: You may send beginners to this course as course content is customized for your learner.
Course Numbers:
Description Level I Level II Level III
Stick WT600 WT601 WT602
MIG WT700 WT701 WT702
TIG WT800 WT801 WT802

Length: Each course is 32 hours, 8 sessions- 4 hours long
Fee must accompany non-member registration. Cancellation polices apply. All no shows and cancellations will be charged full price. Substitutions allowed.
Students will need to come to class with their own protective equipment, gloves, helmet, etc.
Registration deadline: One week prior to start date

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