Effective Problem Solving Techniques

This interactive 30-hour course consists of 11 objectives covering the analytical approach to problem solving. At the end of the course, participants will be equipped to successfully think through problems utilizing the techniques demonstrated during the class sessions. Target Audience: individuals who apply problem solving / troubleshooting techniques in their jobs. The course is accredited for 3.0 CEUs and each student must complete 100% of objectives with a passing grade of 70% to be eligible for the CEUs.

    At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
  • 1. Develop and apply a new thought process for the analytical approach to problem solving.
  • 2. Apply the five important insights into effective problem solving.
  • 3. Restate a problem to obtain a clearer understanding of the problem.
  • 4. Apply the method of Pros and Cons to select the best choice.
  • 5. Apply the Divergent and Convergent Thinking processes to find the final solution.
  • 6. Apply the Sorting process to problems.
  • 7. Develop a Causal Flow Diagram.
  • 8. Develop a Matrix to solve the problem.
  • 9. Apply a structuring technique called Decision/Tree event to solve a problem.
  • 10. Develop a Weighted Ranking System to determine the order in which tasks will be executed.
  • 11. Set up and run a Hypothesis Testing project.

Cancellations must be made prior to 2 days before class start date. Substitutions are allowable.
*No shows will be charged full price.
This training is supported through funding by the Dept. of Labor & Industry

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