Team Communications in the Workplace

This program (a critique) explores the three main factors, Attitude, Behavior and Conversing; and the underlying communication elements that, when improved, will lead to a fuller understanding of the communication process. The following outline illustrates the content of this program.

  • [A] Brief Pre – assessment (and review as necessary)
  • [B] Three main factors: 1. Attitude (mindset), 2. Individual temperaments and behavior, 3. Conversing-Aptitude of verbal reasoning, Meaning of words we use, Non-verbal communication situations (body language), Barriers to Interpersonal communications, Barriers to Organizational communications
  • [C] Applications: Knowing how to give constructive feedback, How to dealing with anger, Responding to employee concerns, Dealing with gender communicative differences, Resolving performance problems, Dealing with ‘time wasting game players’, Facilitating Meetings (teams)
  • [D] Post – assessment (includes elements from the pre – assessment and content from this program).

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