Effective Decision Making

Who makes the decisions in your business? At any given point in time, everyone in your company is faced with decisions to make and, whether or not these decisions are large or small, they all affect the outcome of your company’s success.
This workshop will provided participants with the tools to effectively make decisions.

    By the end of this session, attendees will:
  • understand the role of personal values and opinions in decision-making;
  • understand and effectively utilize three decision making models;
  • be able to recognize an effective decision;
  • recognize the role of brainstorming and a ‘thinking environment’ in the decision making process;
  • recognize why people don’t or can’t make decisions;
  • understand the complexities of group decision making and the diversity of decision making styles available to you as a decision maker
  • understand the 10 Components of Creating a Thinking Environment and
  • understand the 14 critical keys to decision making.

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