Workplace Spanish: Communication and Culture

Effective communication is important to a company’s success, in addition to being able to understand how cultural differences can affect the communication process. This introductory course will provide participants with the basic tools to identify and utilize workplace communication and culture with Spanish-speaking employees and customers. Who should attend?: Human resources personnel, recruiting and hiring staff, front-line customer service and supervisory positions, lead and shift managers, anyone who might have contact with Spanish speaking employees or customers

    Objectives: Participants will actively engage in identifying, applying, and understanding:
  • Workplace communication that consists of verbal, written and non-verbal behaviors;
  • Corporate, supervisory and employee values that shape workplace culture;
  • The changing demographics and how employees and customers will be assets in corporate competitiveness and success;
  • Simple phrases in communicating with Spanish in the workplace

  • Basic greetings and getting the day started
  • Soliciting information: names, numbers and places
  • Survival phases and commands: come, go, take, lift etc.
  • Spanish communication resources

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