Beginning Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (G,D & T)

    Course Content:
  • Review the basic requirements of ASME-Y-14/5-1994 DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING STANDARD
  • Understand engineering drawings
  • Understand GD&T is superior to coordinate tolerancing
  • Understand key terms and effect on drawing interpretation
  • Understand the modifiers and symbols used in GD&T
  • Understand Rule #1 and Rule #2
  • Understand basic dimensions, virtual condition, inner, outer & worst-case boundary and bonus tolerance
  • Interpret the flatness control
  • Interpret the straightness control
  • Interpret the circularity control
  • Interpret the cylindricity control
  • Understand the datum system
  • Interpret datum targets
  • Interpret feature of size datum specifications (RFS)
  • Interpret feature of size datum specifications (MMC)
  • Interpret the perpendicularity control
  • Interpret the angularity control
  • Interpret the parallelism control
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of tolerance of position (TOP): definitions, advantages, basic theories Interpret RFS and MMC TOP applications
  • Interpret tolerance of position special applications
  • Calculate TOP values for fixed and floating fasteners
  • Interpret the concentricity control
  • Interpret the symmetry control
  • Interpret the circular runout control
  • Interpret the total runout control
  • Understand profile tolerancing
  • Interpret the profile of a surface control
  • Interpret the profile of a line control

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