The Secrets of Process Mapping

Most organizations that want to move "up a notch" are process mapping. The purpose of process mapping is to use diagramming to understand the process we currently use and ask what is expected of us; what should we be doing to provide better customer focus and satisfaction. It will identify what best practices we need to incorporate and find appropriate benchmarks for measuring how we can arrive at better ways of satisfying customers.

    The Benefits of Process Mapping:
  • Puts a spotlight on waste
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Defines and standardizes the steps and sequence
  • Promotes deep understanding
  • Builds consensus
  • Key tool for work cell design

Process Mapping is also known as Process Charting or Flow Charting. A process map visually depicts the sequence of events to build a product or produce an outcome. It may include additional information such as cycle time, inventory, and equipment information
    Workshop Objectives:
  • Learn the benefits of process mapping.
  • Learn the seven steps of constructing a process map
  • Learn the process mapping symbols and when to use them
  • Learn how to use process mapping to streamline a process
  • Learn about the different types of process mapping
  • Practice doing a process map
  • Learn how to lead a process mapping team

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