AC and DC Variable Speed Motor Drives MC-100

This 36-hour hands-on training course is designed to provide maintenance electricians with a thorough understanding of AC and DC motor construction, operation and variable speed control. Hands-on lab exercises are used throughout the training course to simulate actual plant conditions. Course hardware will include Variable Frequency AC and DC Motor Drive Workstations, Circuit Test Workstations, Oscilloscope and Multimeter test equipment. Hands-on labs will explain operation and troubleshooting of diodes, transformers, SCR’s transistors and other electrical control devices.

Course Topics:

  • Electrical Review
  • Motor Fundamentals
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Power Module (Converter)
Transformer, Rectifiers, SCR’s
  • Soft Start
  • DC Motor Speed Control
Field and Armature, Voltage Control
  • Braking
  • AC Motor

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