MWSC Shop Math II

This 48-hour course presents a review and understanding of Fundamentals of Plane Geometry, Geometric Figures, and Trigonometry. Student must have successfully completed the Basic Math through Algebra course or have a recommendation for exception from the course instructor and approval of the company representative. 

Upon completion of the course the student will have an analytical approach to problem solving in understanding the fundamentals of: 

A. Plane Geometry Geometric Figures- 1. Axioms and propositions 2. Angels and lines 3. Intersecting lines and angles 4. Relating lines and angles to polygons and circles 5. Pythagorean Theorem Projection of sides 6. Circles. 
B. Trigonometry- 1. Functions of angles 2. Values of functions 3. Right angle solutions

Course Details:
This class will run in Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-9 PM 

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