MWSC Shop Math IV

Course Description:

This course is designed to develop an advanced working knowledge of charts, formulas and calculations used in the metalworking practice. The student will apply these skills through (hands on) labs and exercises, using blue prints, project sheets and examples found in The Machinery’s Handbook.

Course Objectives:

Students will have a basic understanding and proficiently to apply algebraic equations, geometry and trigonometric formulas in the shop environment.  Locate formulas and charts in the machinery’s handbook applicable to the machining trades.  Explore and define the use of these charts and formulas.  Exemplify problem solving skills in the various workshops provided and apply these methods and techniques to the machine shop environment.

Course Outline:

  • Review of Algebraic equations, Principals of geometry, Principals of trigonometry
  • Calculations of area of select figures: Polygons, Circular segments, triangles, Diameters of circles and sides of squares of equal area, Squares and hexagons
  • Weight calculations of materials- Ferrous and Non-ferrous
  • Angles, tapers, Dovetails
  • Measurement over rolls, Sine bar constants, Bolt circles, Standard tapers
  • Speeds and feeds calculations: Turning and Milling

Prerequisite:  It is recommended to take Shop Math I, II & III. 

2017/2018 Class Details:
48 hours
This class will run on Mondays and Wednesdays 6 - 9 pm

Required Books: 
  1. Machinery Handbook 29 e Toolbox Edition 
  2. Mathematics for Machine Technology 6e 

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