Computerized Machining I

This course is designed to develop an introductory working knowledge of basic CNC, Computer Numerical Control programming, with special interest in its use in die design. Learning Outcomes: Introduction to Numerical Control Machinery- a. History of CNC machines b. Input Media and Binary Numbers c. Application to industry. Numerical Control systems- a. Components, b. Types of Control System, c. Cartesian Coordinate system. Tool Selection- a. Tooling for Numerical Control b. Speed and Feeds c. Process planning d. Tool Changers and Registers. Math for Numerical Control- a. Basic Applied Trigonometry b. Cutter ‘off-set’ calculation. Cutter compensation- a. Codes b. Special considerations. Loops and Subprograming, Class work hand out assignments.
This class will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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