Building Trust & Resolving Conflict

Building Trust
Relationships that are high in trust are much more effective than ones that are not. Trust cannot be faked, manipulated or forced but it can be earned. Establishing compelling trust in relationships is everyone’s job but one that is not always easy to do. In this module we will look at the challenge of building trust in every relationship and the impact of trust on a company’s bottom-line.

    Participants will also learn:
  • How to build trust with every team member
  • What to do when trust is broken
  • How to control your ego so it doesn’t get in the way
  • How to manage relationships you can’t lead

Resolving Conflict
Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. Conflict by itself is not good or bad but the way we address it can be. When you are faced with an issue that you don’t think you can address with someone it puts distance between you and them. The more issues there are the greater the distance and the lower the trust.

Addressing conflict in a non-confrontational way that strengthens a relationship is a skill that everyone needs to develop to be successful. When not addressed correctly conflict can destroy a relationship and its ability to be productive. In this module we will cover how to create an environment of safety where issues can be addressed and obstacles removed.
    Participants will also learn:
  • The 4 steps to resolving conflict when it happens
  • What to do when the other person won’t play
  • How to address conflict that is communicated non-verbally
  • How to build a culture that thrives on resolving conflict

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