Stepping Up to the Plate

Stepping Up to the Plate is half day workshop for employees and managers in all levels of an organization designed to create awareness around the power they have to take full accountability for their own and their team’s results. The session requests participants to identify and clarify three key results for which they are accountable at work, and which are in alignment with their manager’s goals and objectives. When faced with obstacles, people can choose to either, be a “benchwarmer” or they can choose to “step up to the plate.” Examples of the “benchwarmer” behaviors are explored in a light manner. Then, Participants score their own present ability to manifest the 20 “accountability behaviors.” Using this “report card” participants explore in more detail the skills needed to “get around the bases” and score a “run.”

    Course Outline
  • I. Positive Accountability
  • A. The Results ladder
  • B. Activity vs. Results
  • C. Reactive vs. Proactive behavior
  • D. The “Stepping Up…” model
  • E. “Benchwarming” behaviors
  • F. “Blame Game” exercise
  • II. The Report Card
  • A. Descriptions of the 20 accountability skills
  • B. Individual and/or team assessment
  • C. Group Processing
  • D. Debrief and conclusions
  • III. Getting “around the bases”
  • A. Knowing About it
  • B. Caring About it
  • C. Figuring it out
  • D. Making it Happen

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