Industrial Mechanical Maintenance I

    Course Objectives: This 12-hour competency-based course consists of 3 objectives. At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
  • 1. Identify, select the proper replacement, and remove and install bearings.
  • Define hydromatic action, boundary lubrication, oil film thickness, and hydraulic pressure as it applies to lubrication methods; Learn proper lubrication methods; Match bearing types to their names and applications; Define a bearing’s L10 life rating and average life rating; Identify bearing size and duty by ID number; Select and use proper tools to install bearings; Use proper methods of removing, installing and aligning bearings. >li>2. Select and replace belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets and gears in mechanical power transmission.
  • Determine the pitch according to drawings; Identify pitch diameter and pitch circle; Recognize different types of belting drives; Explain rules for installing V-belts; Remove, install, and adjust tension on belts and pulleys; Recognize belt and sheave wear and determine corrective measures; Identify types of chain drives; Determine roller diameter, chain width, pin diameter and link plate thickness of chain drive system; Install and adjust tension on chain drive system.
  • 3. Install and align drive couplings.
  • Identify types of couplings and allowed alignment error; Explain various methods of coupling alignment; Align a coupling on a mechanical drive system.

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