Lead-Free Manufacturing

This course is designed to be administered at a customer’s location and delivered to assemblers, engineers, quality assurance, and management staff that are involved in development and implementation of lead-free soldering processes. The course is one day in duration and combines a half-day lecture with a half-day of hands-on soldering with lead-free solder under the guidance of an IPC Certified instructor. Course Content Lecture Topics
Material Issues: Solder Alloys, Board Finishes, Moisture Sensitivity, Component
Finishes, Lead-free BGAs Soldered with Tin-Lead solder
Manufacturing Processes: Screen Printing, Component Placement, Hand Soldering, Wave Soldering, Reflow Soldering, Rework & Repair
Visual Inspection: IPC-A-610D and J-STD-001D lead-free references, Special lead-free anomalies from IPC-A-610D, comparison of tin-lead and lead-free visual appearance differences, “rules of thumb” for tin-lead inspection and how they are applied to lead-free
Hands-on Topics
During the hands-on portion of the course, the students are given the opportunity to hand solder the IPC J-STD-001 certification board with SAC305 solder. The instructor describes the minor technique differences between tin-lead and lead-free hand soldering and the students are exposed to the differences in visual appearance and wetting/spread characteristics of lead-free solder.

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This training is supported by funding through the Department of Labor and Industry.

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