Industrial Controls 101 (MWSC)

Course Description: This is designed for entry level electricians & mechanics. This 30-hour course will introduce electricians to control technology and teach them troubleshooting techniques. Each student will wire several industrial control circuits employing motor starters and relays. They will test and troubleshoot their panels. Prerequisite: Students should have a sound understanding of electrical fundamentals such as: Understanding current flow, terms and their unit of measurement, amps, volts, and ohms. Basic Understanding of Electromagnets. Learner Outcomes: 1. Given a wiring diagram, panel switches and wire, the student will wire a lamp to be controlled from three locations. 2. The student will be given a relay and will demonstrate his ability to rebuild it. 3. Given an Allen-Bradley Motor Starter the student will disassemble and rebuild the starter. 4. The student will be introduced to the operation and wiring of control devices. The student will design and draw an industrial control circuit. 5. Using the concepts of basic undervoltage circuit design, the student will design and draw a motor control circuit. 6. The student will be able to design a control circuit from a functional specification and wire a panel using the design. 7. The student will be able to write a functional specification for a circuit design. 8. The student will demonstrate their knowledge of reversing starters by designing several control circuits. 9. The student will demonstrate a complete understanding of master undervoltage circuits by designing a circuit. 10. The student will be able to relate interlock protection to four way, three position valves. 11. The student will be introduced to powerful troubleshooting techniques and will use these techniques to troubleshoot a circuit that they have designed and wired on a test panel.

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