Negotiating Win-Win

This dynamic course is based on Fisher and Ury’s groundbreaking work, Getting to Yes. Participants will learn how to achieve fair and “principled” results with others, without resorting to win-lose tactics.

Skilled negotiators go beyond the obvious “wants” of the other side and works with them to uncover deeper seated “needs”. Once done, more equitable, longer lasting, “wise” agreements are reached, creating a win-win and setting the stage for future positive interactions.

    Objectives: Upon completion of this eight hour seminar Participants will be able to:
  • Describe the difference between “hard”, “soft” and “principled” negotiation approaches and the merits of using the “principled” approach
  • Identify and satisfy the underlying needs of the other side
  • Explain the four stages of negotiations and what must be done during each stage
  • Use ‘win-win” negotiations tactics and counter-tactics with the other side to create a sense of cooperation, without giving in
  • “Change the shape of the deal”, through innovation and creativity to move the negotiation along when bogged down
  • Create a “wise” agreement with the other side that has a chance of satisfying both sides needs

Payment must accompany non-member registration. Make checks payable to MASCPA. Cancellation Policies Apply: Substitutions may be made any time. Cancellations within 5 business days of the session will be charged. No shows will be charged.

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