Hydraulics Level I

This course is a hands-on introduction to fundamental fluid power principles and the operation of basic hydraulic systems. The three main areas covered are the hydraulic transmission of force and energy, the application of that energy via hydraulic actuators and the control of hydraulic energy. While basic formulas are used, math is minimized. Hydraulic components are discussed including pumps, pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional control valves, cylinders, rotary actuators, motors, filtration and piping. Basic fluid power symbols are discussed along with basic hydraulic schematics. Operation of components is reviewed and sample circuits discussed. Circuit problems are solved by the student on a hydraulic trainer.

Safety glasses with side shields will be required for this class.

Labs Include: Introduction to the hydraulic trainer, schematic & parts list Familiarization & relief valve setting Pressure reducing valve Sequence valve Flow control valve - "meter-in" Flow control valve - "meter-out"

(NOTE: Labs are performed by the student on a working hydraulic trainer.)

Suitability: This course is ideally suited for maintenance personnel, equipment operators, technicians, supervisors and engineers desiring a basic knowledge of hydraulic fluid power principles and components.

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