Discipline, Rightsizing/Downsizing and Terminations

  • Why Good People Leave
  • Discipline for Retention
  • Reductions in Force
  • Rightsizing/Downsizing
  • Temporary/Job Elimination
  • Employment At-Will
  • Terminations

Participants in this session will review the reasons behind resignations and job dissatisfaction as studied in Leigh Branham’s “The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave.” Resignations, unmet expectations and economic circumstances can greatly discourage a supervisor, manager, owner, and executive of any company. Attendees will learn to view discipline as a positive and find ways to deliver discipline without being “the bad guy.” We’ll then discuss the differences between different types of employment separations which would not be complete without reviewing the concept of “employment at-will.” Lastly, we’ll explore the work that should take place behind the scenes before a decision is made to terminate someone’s employment.

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