Project Management Fundamentals

This course is a primer on the basics of Project Management. Students will learn how to use Project Management techniques to plan, organize, control, document and close out their projects successfully and with minimum risk.
Prerequisite: To ensure your success, we recommend you have some working knowledge of your computers operating system.

  • Lesson 1: The Project Life Cycle
  • What is a project?
  • The Project Management Life Cycle
  • The role of Project Management
  • Lesson 2: Setting Up for Success
  • The Meaning of Success
  • What Happens in the Initiation Phase?
  • Project Definition and Scope
  • Putting Together a Statement of Work
  • The Project Charter
  • Lesson 3: The Project Team
  • The Teamwork Challenge
  • Selecting Team Memebers
  • The Team Charter
  • Lesson 4: Risk Management
  • Project Risk
  • Lesson 5: Project Plans
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • Work Packaging Sequence
  • Lesson 6: The Project Schedule
  • The Scheduling Process
  • Time Estimates
  • Lesson 7: The Project Budget
  • What is a Budget?
  • Creating a Preliminary Budget
  • Budget and Scheduling Balancing
  • Lesson 8: Project Tracking and Control
  • Moving the Project Forward
  • Monitoring for Project Progress
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Getting Back on Track
  • Lesson 9: Project Reports
  • Communication Overview
  • Project Performance Reports
  • Project Change Requests
  • Lesson 10: Project Close-Out
  • Elements of Close-out
  • Evaluation of People and Projects

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