Advanced Industrial Controls Course #115

This is an instructor led, compentency based program designed for master level electricians. The course will teach electricians to trouble-shoot complex relay control circuits. Each student will wire a pumping station control panel and test it.

    Learner Outcomes
  • The student will improve in his troubleshooting techniques by simulation software. The student will be introduced to new techniques for locating blown fuse problems and will test their knowledge using circuit fault simulation software.
  • The student will improve their industrial control circuit knowledge by designing circuits from functional descriptions.
  • The student will learn standard wiring practices and will prove those skills by wiring a circuit that the student has designed.
  • The instructor will insert problems into a water pumping station and the student will trouble-shoot the problem and be measured by time standards.
  • The student will design, and wire circuits using pneumatic timers and motor driven timers.

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