Basic PLC Course #130

This is an instructor led, competency based program designed for industrial electricians. The course will introduce electricians to the operation and troubleshooting of PLC systems. The first part of the course covers basic PLC theory as it applies to any PLC. The second part of the course covers specific instructions for AB MicroLogic 1000, 1200 and SLC-500 PLC's using RS Logiz software. The student should have experience troubleshooting control sysems for 2-4 years. It is highly recommended the student completes course #101 first.

    Learner Outcomes
  • The student will be introduced to the operation and wiring of control devices. The student will design and draw an industrial control circuit.
  • Using concepts of basic undervoltage circuit design, the student will design and draw a master Undervoltage control circuit for a PLC system.
  • The student will build a knowledge base of the components in a PLC system. They will be able to distinguish between elements of hardware and elements of software. In an effort to build comprehension, they will run three simulations of program scans for input tables, output tables, and program tables.
  • The student will build a knowledge base of AB MicroLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500 PLC's capabilities. The student will draw an AB 1762-L24AWA wiring diagram.
  • The student will wire a PLC panel for a pumping station.
  • The student will connect a laptop computer to the panel and download a program
  • The student will be introduced to powerful troubleshooting techniques and will use these techniques to trouble-shoot a circuit they have wired on a test panel.

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