Troubleshooting Industrial Controls Circuits Course #131

This is an instructor led, compenteny based program designed to instruct students in a logical approach to troubleshooting. The student is given procedures on how to approach the problem and use soft skills to solve the problem. The student must solve the problems in a limited amount of time. A strong emphasis is placed on blue print reading and understanding of standard control circuits. The students are instructed on how to solve the problem and find the failed component on the first try within a given time frame. Learner Outcomes

  • The student will design industrial control circuits using the concepts of basic undervoltage circuit design.
  • The student will be able to write a functional specification, design a control circuit, and wire a panel.
  • The student will demonstrate his knowledge of control circuits by designing reversing starters' circuits, jog circuits, master undervoltage control ciruits and hydraulic valve circuits.
  • The student will be introduced to powerful troubleshooting techniques and will use these techniques to trouble shoot a number of industrial control circuits.
  • The student will recognize that 30% of motor failures are from overloads. They will be able to select the proper class of overload and select the proper heater for the application. The students will contrruct a motor load lineon a fuse curve and coordinate it with overloads.
  • The studen will be introduced to new techniques for locating blown fuse problems and will test their knowledge using a circuit fault simulation software.
  • The students will improve their industrial control circuit knowledge by designing circuits from functional descriptions. The student will be shown standard control circuit designs.
  • The studentswill improve their troubleshooting skills by simulation troubleshooting and test panel troubleshooting.
  • The student will design, and wire circuits using pneumatic timers and motor driven timers. Using the panels they have wired, the student will demonstrate their ability to trouble shoot by solving circuit gaults inserted by the instructor.
  • The student will have a final timed test on their troubleshooting skills using a portable machine tool that employs timers.
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