PowerPoint 2007 Basic

This ILT Series course, rated 4.9/5.0 in overall quality by ProCert Labs, covers the basic functions and features of PowerPoint 2007. Students will create new presentations that include text, graphics, WordArt, tables, charts, and diagrams. They will also edit and format slide content, and apply transition effects. Comes with CertBlaster exam prep software (download). Designated as Approved Courseware for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program, this course will help students prepare for the PowerPoint 2007 exam (77-603). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete PowerPoint 2007: Basic and Advanced.

    Table Of Contents:
  • Unit 1: Getting started, Topic A: The PowerPoint window, Topic B: Getting help.
  • Unit 2: New presentations, Topic A: Creating new presentations, Topic B: Saving presentations, Topic C: Rearranging and deleting slides, Topic D: Using slides from other presentations.
  • Unit 3: Formatting slides, Topic A: Text formatting, Topic B: Modifying text, Topic C: Paragraph formatting
  • Unit 4: Drawing objects, Topic A: Shapes, Topic B: Modifying objects, Topic C: Text in objects
  • Unit 5: Graphics, Topic A: WordArt, Topic B: Pictures, Topic C: Clip art.
  • Unit 6: Tables and charts, Topic A: Tables, Topic B: Charts, Topic C: Diagrams.
  • Unit 7: Modifying presentations, Topic A: Templates and themes, Topic B: Slide masters, Topic C: Transitions and timings, Topic D: Speaker notes, Topic E: Setting up slide shows.
  • Unit 8: Proofing and delivering presentations, Topic A: Proofing presentations, Topic B: Running presentations, Topic C: Printing presentations.

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