Electrical Print Reading

Learning Outcomes: *Introduction to blueprints, *Defining blueprint purpose, *Key as it pertains to blueprints, *How measurements are determined and what they mean, *Read to interpret blueprints, *Measure with common instruments, *Interpret and perform Quality Inspection Plan, *Approve product as a result of inspection

  • 1. Introduction- a. Basic Print information b. Title Blocks c. Revisions d.Scales and Tolerances
  • 2. Fractions and Decimals- a. Metric versus Inch System (steel rule) b. Math for Troubleshooting
  • 3. Print Views (Mechanical for Component Layout)- a. Orthographic b. Isometric Views c. Auxiliary Views d. Detail Views e. Section Views f. Other Views g. Pictorials
  • 4. Showing Components on a Print- a. Electrical Components b. Wiring c. Power Flow (Voltage / Current)
  • 5. Electrical Drawings- a. Component Layouts b. Schematics c. Ladder Logic d. Wiring Diagrams-i. Wire Numbers ii. Terminal Numbers iii. Cross Reference and Rung Numbers e. Control and Operation Diagrams f. Bill of Materials (BOM) g. Flow Charts and Troubleshooting h. Wrap up and Review


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