Dealing With Difficult People

*Short Elective for the Supervisory Certificate*
One of the biggest “people skill” challenges is dealing with behavior from other people that is either too aggressive, too passive or otherwise ineffective. Some people are more “task oriented” while others are more “relationship oriented.” Often the root of our impasses with people exhibiting “difficult behavior” is our need to understand the different “behavorial styles” and our willingness to alter own style to lower the relationship tension. The second part of this course discusses how to deal with people (of any style) when they are truly acting rude, arrogant, or uncooperative. The focus needs to always be on the person’s behavior, not the person themselves.

    Learning Objectives:
  • ●Describe the individual and relationship tensions that cause interpersonal difficulty.
  • ●Explain the dynamics of difficult situations and behaviors.
  • ●Use positive language, rational thinking, and constructive dialogue to deal with difficulty in relationships.
  • ●List the options for dealing with truly difficult people.

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