Leading for Peak PERFORMance

For an individual contributor to Perform at Your Peak means knowing why you’re here, what’s expected of you, how you are doing and how you can improve. It means rewarding yourself for a job well done and taking time daily to “sharpen the saw.” 

For a supervisor or manager it means the same thing: building into the your work environment the success factors that will motivate your associates to keep climbing their mountain day after day, month after month, year after year. 

What can a supervisor or manager do to build the trust necessary to create a peak performing work environment? The same things that the individual performer needs to do, answer the vital questions that are on the minds of associates at all levels in an organization:
  • Why are am I (we) here? Purpose
  • What are my (our) roles and goals? Expectations
  • How do we best work with others? Relationships
  • How are am I (we) doing? Feedback
  • Where do we (I) go when I need help? Orientation
  • What’s in it for me (us)? Rewards and Recognition
  • How do I (we) stay enthused? Morale and Motivation
  • Building into the work environment the 7 factors that motivate people to achieve their goals.
  • Writing a purpose statement for your department and linking all of the work assignments and objectives to it
  • Identifying and managing specific and measureable performance standards, short and long term goals for yourself and your associates
  • Creating trust-based work relationships and adapting your communication style to meet other people’s needs.
  • Using feedback to both motivate and redirect the behavior of others
  • Coaching others toward improved performance
  • Identifying what really motivates people
  • Taking time to renew your teams energy and morale

Can be used as the Long Elective for the Supervisory Certificate or as a standalone course.

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