PLC-5/SLC 500 Processors

PLC-5/SLC 500 Processors Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following tasks: Identify the main components of programmable controller systems and describe their functions Descibe the flow of information through a programmable controller system Navigate through the RSLogix 5 r RSLogix 500 software Transfer, monitor and run projects on a PLC-5 or SLC500 processor Interpret simple ladder logic programs This course is designed as an introduction to programmable controller systems. The PLC-5 or SLC 500 system will be featured using either RSLogix 5 or RSLogix 500 software. Important: By the time the course is finished, you will not be able to program, maintain or troubleshoot a PLC-5 or SLC 500 system. However, you will have the prerequisite understanding required for the courses that teach that skill. *Please note that these classes are all sponsored by the GHRMTC. To receive the discounted price, the class participants must confidentially and securely supply their social security number. *Please note that the check should be made payable to MA and mailed to MA, 160 Roosevelt Ave., Suite 400, York PA 17401. Any company interested in joining the GHRMTC, please call Tammy Marcase at 717-843-3891. Register by: Payment must accompany non-member registration. Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be received at least 5 business working days prior to class start date. Substitutions will be accepted at anytime. No shows and cancellations less than 5 business days prior to class start will be charged the advertised price for the class. Questions: Fax/Mail/Call: Tammy Marcase, 160 Roosevelt Ave., Ste 400, York, PA 17401, Phone: (717) 843-3891, Fax: (717) 854-9445, E-mail:

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